Thorpe Lea Road, Thorpe, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8PG


Carp, Perch. 



Adult £12.00,

Junior £9.00,

OAP £9.00,

24 Hour £24.00.


Gates open at 7am all year round.

March-October Gates will close no later than 7pm.

November - February Gates will close at 5:30pm.

Times may vary, check at the office on site.

Closed Christmas day and Boxing day.

**Please note there is a height restriction on entrance**



  • No bait boats allowed.

  • No Litter, if found in your swim you will be asked to leave.

  • Barbed hooks only.

  • Large Unhooking mat to be used, 36"+.

  • no keepnets or sacks.

  • Only fish from marked pegs, no swim building.

  • All fish caught to be returned as soon as possible.

  • No braided main line to be used.

  • All anglers must have a rod licence, you will have to produce it before fishing.

  • No unattended rods.

  • No Lure/Spinner fishing.

  • No Dead baits/live baits.

  • No particles, except Hemp, Corn/Maize and Pellets.


Ample car parking, Toilets, Tackle shop on site, mobile catering, you can have all your gear drove round to your swim for a small fee.

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From the M25 leave at junction 13 and head towards Stains on the A308, go straight over the first roundabout. At the next roundabout go right 3rd exit onto the B3376 Thorpe Lea Road. Go straight at the first mini roundabout, at the second go right following the B3376, then go left onto the B338 and follow for around 1/2 mile then turn right into the fishery.

Thorpe Lea fishery is renowned as a bag up Carp water, previously owned by Cemex and is now run by British waterways. The lake has been stocked with 2,500 Carp from Drayton reservoir at go over 30lb. The lake is really well maintained with good swims with features such as the islands and margins. All methods seem to work here from Waggler to Fly Fishing. Its not just big Carp either as there has been some huge Perch well over 4lb out.



Carp to over 32lb.

Perch to over 4lb.


It seems that almost anything will catch Carp here, but for numbers of Carp its a good idea to try the more match fishing approach, barring in mind most of these Carp come from Drayton reservoir. Using a Bagging Waggler with a hook link only a few feet under (this may vary depending on weather) using a small white or light coloured boilie, casting quite frequently. Another good method for Carp is Zig-Rigging, this is a great method for the summer, set the Zig bait a foot or so under the surface with a very buoyant pop-up or plastic/foam bait and spod a sloppy mix over the top, just beware of the ducks which will probably try and eat you zigged bait.

In the colder months the PVA bag method will work well, with either pellet or maggot as bait.

For the Perch its best to leave it until the winter when there at there most active, fish in the margins using a Waggler or feeder with worm as bait and chopped worm and maggot as free offerings.


Thorpe Lea is another one of those fisheries I have wanted to visit for a along time, in fact I have been here before but it was so busy we had to go else where, which is one of the problems with this venue, if your not here really early you may not get a swim at all. This lake can be heavily night fished, so if you turn up Saturday morning you may find most of the swims where taken Friday night.

Its best to fish mid week if you can to try and get a decent swim. Although there is a chart on the wall of the shop showing where you can cast tho it seems this is not grasped by some, where I fished there was an island in front of me, but the fisherman to my left was casting to the island in front of me, it was not a problem as I was margin fishing for Perch but just showed how close you are sat to each other. The Carp fishing here I have heard is top draw, all year round, but to be honest, it does not interest me in the slightest, as the fishing is far too close together for distance fishing, so ill just stick to the Perch if I return.

An over-looked near 2lb Perch from Thorpe Lea
An over-looked near 2lb Perch from Thorpe Lea


A highly popular venue for the angler after lots of big Carp fishing, this venue, especially in the summer months, is frequently packed.

Impressive hauls of Carp come from here each and every year making it a good venue to break personal bests and improve your Carp fishing.

The swims are tightly packed together to get as many anglers around the lake as possible meaning you have to be very accurate casting into your swim.

There is an onsite map which shows you what swim is yours depending on where you sit.

Personally, the tight Carp fishing here is not to my taste (I think that this lake should really have only 1/3 of the swims it does have, at most) with me prefering to have a lot more space than is allowed here.

However, the unsung heroes of this lake are the Perch population. There are some VERY big Perch in here indeed, and happily, the best Perch swims are not the ones that the carp fanatics fight for, and so you can often get a good Perch swim where you have a bit of room.

Over all though the fish are in good condition and the venue is well maintained.

Last updated: 2011


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