Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Ghost Carp, Pike, Tench, Perch, Bream.



                 1 rod for day ticket fishing for up to 12 hours £7

                 2 rods for up to 12 hours £15

                 3 rods for up to 12 hours £21

                 (During open hours when gate is unlocked)


                 1 rod for up to 24 hours £9

                 2 rods for up to 24 hours £20

                 3 rods for up to 24 hours £26



During the british summer months all gates are locked at 9pm and opened at 8am, during the rest of the year the gates are locked at 6pm and opened at 8am. If you arrive early you must park in the hardwick carpark across the road and not block the main gate.



The rules are the same for all the linear waters:

  • Cars must be parked in the carpark provided
  • No driving on the grass
  • Three rods maximum
  • Unhooking mats required for all big fish
  • No boats, bait boats, radios, guns, fires, picnics, swimming, drugs or heavy drinking
  • No dogs except on a lead and under control
  • No perminent/fixed leads-rigs will be checked by the bailiff
  • All multiple baits like seeds, nuts, peas and beans to be well soaked, well cooked and used in moderation
  • No live bait to be brought on site form the outside
  • No transport of fish or to be taken or killed
  • Pike fishing only between october 1st-march 1st
  • The lakes are private property so be considerate to others and keep noise and lights down to a minimum



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(sat nav OX29 7QF) From Newbury follow the A34 toward Oxford, Take the exit A415 toward Witney, at the signals turn right then left on to the A415. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit, bear right follow A415, at signals turn right onto B449 follow along for about 1/4 of a mile then turn left into Linear Fisheries Hardwick and Smiths car park, follow the track and bare left when you come to Brasenose 1.

Brasenose 1 is known as Linear Fisheries 'runs water', with 1,500 Carp over the 32 acres, there is plenty of fish to go around. The lake has been open for 6 years now and well established in the Carp world with many professional anglers using the lake for their tutorials and the BYCAC ( British Young Carp Angling Championship) is held here also.

Although Brasenose 1 doesn't have the largest Carp of the complex it has a high stocking of big Carp. 80% of the Carp are over doubles with many twentys and thirtys. The biggest Carp being a Mirror at 35lb 12oz.

As well as Carp there is also some big Bream, Tench, Perch and Pike.


Mirror Carp to 35lb 12oz

Common Carp to 21lb

Ghost Carp to 27lb 10oz

Pike to over 22lb 12oz

Tench to 8lb

Perch to 2lb 2oz

Bream to 10lb 2oz


There are a lot of Carp in this lake and with the right methods you can catch a lot of fish.

One of the best ways to catch here is using zig-rigs with a sloppy spod mix over the top using a spod or spomb and keep it going in, the fish are used to the sound.. Then during the night fish on the bottom where you was zig fishing.

They key here is bait and the application of it, and be aware if your going to fish bottom baits, find your spots and fish with no freebait for a while as the angler in the swim before you may have loaded it in already. Once you have had no action for a while then put some spods/spombs in over the top. Solid PVA tactics work well but for ultimate distance just use a small stick.


Since I have known about Linear Fisheries I have been desperate to fish Brasenose 1 and have been to fish it before, but due to how busy it was was unable to get on it until recently.

This is one of the 'runs waters' on the Linear Complex with a huge head of Carp and can be a real bag up water at the right time of year.

The Carp here can eat quite a lot, so spodding is a real winner. Spodding over Zigs is also a winner.

This venue can get busy but is a huge lake so there is normally the odd swim about. As with all the lakes Brasenose 1 is really well maintained with great swims.


I think, as with all of the Linear lakes, it is worth bearing in mind that they are Carp lakes primarily, and stocked accordingly. Few fish so that the individuals grow bigger.

It is true that Brasenose 1 does hold a high number of big Carp, that are always growing very quickly. But if you get the wrong day with the wrong weather conditions, or you just happen to turn up after a large fishing event, then you are going to struggle in a big way.

Just because the likes of Matt Hayes turns up here on his fishing programs and hauls them out, it doesnt mean you will.

Fishing here is a delight though, with very picturesque views and plenty of wildlife to watch. And I have a feeling that the more you fish it, the easier fish catching will become, as you will get to know the venue.

I recommend fishing it mid-week, when it is less busy, cast out, sit back, and relax.

Its hardly the most active sport, Carp fishing, but it can be very rewarding.

Last updated: 2010


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