Anglers Paradise

Dream Fishing...

Anglers Paradise is located near Halwill Junction, between Holsworthy and Hatherleigh, in Devon.

When you reach the end of the bumpy road, Anglers Paradise opens it's arms to greet you, with it's wonderful lakes, beautiful surroundings, and finest accommodation.

From the top of the hill, the Devon countryside rolls away into the distance. There is a vast selection of plants and animals to be seen and admired, and of course, some stunning looking lakes packed with some of the most colourful fish you will ever catch!

Run by Zyg, Rose, Zenia, Joe and the rest of the Gregorek extended family, they will do anything they can to make your week the best!

Home from home...

Anglers Paradise has 38 villas for you to choose from, and stay in. The capacity of the villas range from 1 holiday maker, to up to 9 in a party.

Villas come fitted with a whirlpool bath and shower, fully stocked kitchens (there is even a rolling pin if you fancy rolling out some pastry!), television and dvd player, and more.

A true home from home, especially as each room has lots of fishing and fish related decor!

There is always an area outside to enjoy the Devon sun (as it never rains in Devon), and a wet room cupboard as well for storing fishing gear.

Special Events...

You can book a weeks holiday at Anglers Paradise at any time, however, nearly 90% of all holiday makers at Anglers Paradise are repeat customers, come year after year, so it's best to get in there quick!

There is a peak and off-peak season, and prices vary accordingly. Check the Anglers Paradise website for more details.

There are also a few weeks in the year when special events are held. Most famously, the Netting Party, where Zyg takes 2 days of your fishing week and puts you to work netting up all the fish in certain lakes for lake management. Literally the most popular week, and it books up very quickly indeed.

But there are also Valentines/Halloween/Christmas/ New Year events, often with fancy dress and plenty of Zyg's wine!

You can also book here for a honeymoon and celebrate your anniversary.

Starting the week with a bang!...

First day arrivals, on the Saturday, is between 2-4pm, though things often kick off at 1pm, so I would aim to get there for then.

Zyg will welcome you into his African Safari Bar for some free wine (famously strong) and give you lots of hints and tips to make the most of your weeks fishing.

You pay for your weeks fishing with Zyg, and you can also book in the days you want to fish the specimen and Koi lakes, or any other additional cost lakes.

As well as booking in with Rose the days you want to have any meals.

Prize winning Fish...

During the peak seasons, each week there are competitions!

Firstly, if you catch a Tench or Orfe over 5lb, A Carp or Catfish over 20lb, or a Koi over 8lb, you will win up to 3 bottles of Zyg's wine, for you to take home and drink!

Secondly, there is 'Fish of the Week', which anyone can enter, with any fish. Just so long as it has a good story! Here you win a bottle of wine (of course) and also some bait!

Competition prizes are given out on the Friday night in the bar.

Entries for the prizes have to be given in before then.

Getting down to the Fishing...

There are 12 exclusive lakes at Anglers Paradise that only the holiday makers are allowed to fish. All are filled with a huge selection of species of fish, famous for its Golden Tench and Orfe, Koi Carp, big Carp and Catfish.

9 of the lakes are free to fish with the holiday and the fishing fee for the week, but 3 of the lakes, the Specimen Carp, Specimen Tench and Orfe, and the Koi Lake have an additional £5 fishing fee and MUST be booked before fishing.

As well as these lakes, you can pay half the price of any of the day ticket lakes. 5 lakes at Anglers Nirvana, 4 lakes at Anglers Eldorado and the newly opened Silver Rose Lake.

We have written up a fishing guide for all of the exclusive Anglers Paradise Holiday lakes, but the rest are up to you!

The Rules...

  • BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY minimum size 8 on carp lakes and minimum size 14 (preferably 12) on others.
  • NO SACKING OF FISH OVER NIGHT, or when spawning.
  • UNHOOKING MATS are mandatory
  • Large knotless nylon landing nets for all lakes and a minimum of 30” (42”+)wide for Easy Access, Octopussy, Main Carp Lake and Specimen Lakes. There is no pole fishing on these lakes and the rods must be strong enough for big carp. No quiver tips etc.
  • Minimum 10lb line throughout on Carp Lakes and a 4lb on others.
  • No fixed leads, double strength line, bent hooks or Inpointing
  • NOTE: On occasion a carp pellet only/no trout, halibut or any high oil pellet rule is on some lakes, check with the owner before fishing if unsure. If in doubt, only use Carp pellets and baits with low oil content
  • Fishing is dawn to dusk or 9pm whichever is earlier.
  • Book specials and nights etc before 5pm.
  • No fishing on Saturdays on day of departure.
  • No fishing before the appropriate fee has been paid. Anyone found fishing before appropriate fee has been paid will be charged double.
  • No walking around the Specimen Lakes or using the Dragon Raft on the Koi Lake if someone is fishing.
  • Forcep disgorgers a must.
  • Braided line can only be used as a hook link and must never be used as a main line.
  • The rods are not transferable. Do not leave rods unattended – a few rods have been pulled in.
  • No litter, please take it back.
  • No swims to be left unattended for more than 2 hours (i.e. lunch etc).
  • No tackle to be left overnight unless night has been pre booked, first come first served basis.
  • All particle baits (nuts and pulses) except sweetcorn and hemp are banned.
  • The beach-caster method is suspended.
  • No live baits for Catfish at all. Only use deadbaits purchased from our on site tackle shop
  • No driving to lakes.
  • At Spawning times or when oxygen levels are low, certain lakes may be temporarily closed.
  • All Bait Boats are banned

Other Onsite Extras...

There is a tackle shop on site at Anglers Paradise stocked with everything you will need should you have forgotten something or need more bait.

There is also a stock of Paradise Baits here too, exclusive baits specificaly designed for the taste buds of the Anglers Paradise fish!

Other features included an indoor heated swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna, a games room, an outside play area, a laundrette, and of course, the bar, where there is also a quiz night every week.

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Our Views on an Anglers Paradise Holiday...


If truly 'home is where the heart is' then I am actually living at Anglers Paradise right now!

As I'm typing this, I must be sitting in the African Bar and sipping some of Zyg's wine!


As soon as you arrive at Anglers Paradise, you are welcomed with open arms, and then follows a week of sheer bliss.

Relaxation beyond measure. Adventure around every lily pad. And the most fun you can have with a rod in your hand!


Hazel and I have been coming here every year since our first visit, and if anything, the holiday just keeps getting better and better every year.

The villas are cosy, clean and well looked after, filled with angling items to make every fisherman feel at home.

The African Safari Bar is a delight. Packed to the brim with some fascinating items, which just seems to get larger and larger in quantity every year! A place to come after a hard days fishing and laugh and chat with the other anglers.


The staff are always friendly and welcoming, and always willing to take their time and help you make the most of your week. And Zyg, Rose, Zenia, Joe and the family welcome you in like you are one of their family.


The fishing is just magnificent! I mean, where else in the country, or even the world, can you find lakes full of beautifully vibrant ornamental fish for you to catch? Sparkling Koi, Orfe and Golden Tench.

And whopping great Carp and Catfish that just seem to get bigger and bigger!

I have lost count of the amount of wonderful fin-perfect fish I have caught here, and lost count of how many times I have had, literally, a whole lake to myself, to fish at my pleasure.

The whole lake area is clean, and tidy and well maintained, and planted carefully with all sorts of plants.

And there is wildlife everywhere! Bloody nosed beetles, massive elephant hawk moth caterpillars, lizards, kingfishers, hobbys, red kites...the list could go on and on.


I will keep going back year after year.

Because I want to.

Because I love to.

Because I have to.

Because I need to.


If there is a down side to Anglers Paradise (and there certainly is one) it's that there is not enough time in one week to sample all of it's delights!

It's awful that, eventually, you have to go home.


It truly is an angler's paradise!


Anglers Paradise is a fantastic place which has everything you could want for in a fishing holiday. The villa's are a lovely place to stay when your not fishing and nearly everything is fish themed. The food nights you can book are brilliant with some top quality food and wine. But of course the main thing you come to Anglers Paradise for is the fishing, which is amazing, you can catch nearly anything you want from ornamentals like Golden and Blue Orfe to massive Carp and Catfish. The scenery is beautiful and the lakes very well kept. If I could describe Anglers Paradise in one word it would be 'Perfect'.

Reel Day Ticket's Top Tips for an Anglers Paradise Holiday...

  • Take fine gauge hooks. Due to the minimum sized hooks on some lakes being so big, wary fish can often see them. Having said that, often the bigger hook, the bigger the bait, and the bigger the fish. Be prepared to chop and change.
  • Dont forget the maggots! They are by far the best baits to catch you all the fish that swim here.
  • Dont worry about changing lakes. You can move and fish wherever you like here, so if one lake is not fishing so well, move to another. Even if you have paid extra for a specimen lake, dont fret about moving to another lake if nothing is happening. You can always come back to it later in the day.
  • Fishing off season is a great way to beat the crowded lakes of summer months.
  • Waterproof boots or wellies are a must. Though it never rains in Devon, after a bit of 'falling sunshine' the grass can become very waterlogged.
  • Take some extra pound coins. Some of the rooms have pound coin fed electric meters. Zyg provides you with a full meter, but take some in case it runs out.
  • Beware Zyg's homemade wine. It is delicious. But it may result in some wobbly walking and bizarre casting.
  • Take a camera. You are going to want to keep pictures of these beautiful fish, plus you will need a photo of a fish over specimen size to win your free bottles of wine.
  • Follow the rules. You should do anywhere you go, but staff will check your rigs here.
  • Mobile phone signal is poor up in the Devon hills, so mobile phones are often not much good. But there is a phone box on site for the love sick angler to ring his Mrs.
  • Sometimes food will not be made available, during the off peak season, or due to lack of demand. Make sure you bring supplies or extra money in case you need to pop to the local shops for food and drink. Failing that, ring ahead to check!
  • Don't worry about taking loads of bait, you really wont need it. And if you do, you can stock up in the onsite tackle shop.
  • Don't feel as though you need to fish every day. Devon is a beautiful place, so perhaps go exploring one day? Angling is tiring work at the best of times, I'm sure we have all got home knackered after a day of fishing, so there is also no need to rush down to the lakes early, or stay really late. Remember you are on a holiday to relax.
  • During the 'Off Peak' season at Anglers Paradise, the onsite tackle shop does not stock maggots. So a quick pop into a local tackle shop on route to your holiday is a wise choice!


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